Fabrics & Materials

All products are designed without the use of wool, fur, angora, mohair, silk or leather as we believe in being kind to everyone, including our furry friends. In an effort to reduce the environmental impacts of fabric processing and manufacturing, low-impact fabrics have been introduced into our collections.


We recognize our responsibility to identify operational improvements and process aimed at reducing our environmental impact. All ecommerce mailing bags are made from plant-based materials and are disposable in home composts. Our garments are packaged in biodegradable poly bags, reducing the times these plastics spend in landfills. 100% of our hangtags are made from recycled fibers.

Ethical Practices

We value ethical and transparent business practices.

All Gentle Fawn products adhere to our standards of manufacturing ensuring ethical working conditions for all workers and compliance with environmental standards. These standards include, but are not limited to prohibition of child labour, forced labour, discrimination, harassment, or abuse. Ensuring healthy and safe work environments for all workers is our top priority, making sure our business partners are in compliance with laws and standard workplace regulations. Gentle Fawn has a zero tolerance policy on bribery and corruption.